wiltipoll sheep for sale tasmania

It was a rare and unusual problem to be loading the sheep in the rain! Complete flock dispersal. When I got home, I spent an hour on the tractor clearing all the silt and debris from the crossing. This will allow us to bring the sheep into this paddock and hopefully contain them! I am rotating the cattle through the paddocks, and have even opened up some of the tree guards for the cattle to graze under the established trees.

[])-[])). Calving and lambing has continued. 4+1/2years old and knows how to work. Don't have an account yet? After a couple of attempts to lift her back legs and pull her through, we realised we were down to only a couple of options. We have been lucky to get through this far with what we have, but we need some growth to get us through spring. And then, to top it all off, the lambs were spotted in the neighbours place. The water has now risen to the pump! After years of observing me, they correctly recognised that they hadn’t found a fresh water aquifer just below the surface, but rather a poly pipe. A few minutes later they were unloaded at home in a secure paddock near the house. Not at all.

One ewe lamb kept trying to lead the rest of the mob around – but after breaking free once, we closed the net and loaded them up. I have moved them onto the flat country. If and when feed costs become more affordable, I hope to ensure we store enough hay to get us through a couple of winters in this shed. Water hasn’t flowed down here for months, but it naturally holds a bit of extra moisture and therefore grass. Sadly our time with sheep has come to an end… for now. The dry weather has put a lot of the trees under stress. The following morning we left at the crack of dawn with fingers crossed…. It was a wonderful surprise to check on them after a couple of days at work to find they had started lambing! Out of ewes with Highveld Australian White bloodline. I still don’t know how she squeezed her shoulders through the gap, but it was immediately apparent that her hips weren’t going to follow the rest of her body. I raced up to the shed and grabbed a cattle sling, designed to lift cattle that are unable to stand.

The difference the following day was remarkable… but we had no idea what the dam looked like full.

As it stands, we marked 12 calves, with a bonus calf born in December taking us to 13 out of 15 maiden heifers. Stud wiltipoll ram used as their sire. We haven’t even finished one sheet. https://rockfarming.com/2020/02/03/weaning-and-a-rough-plan-for-the-cattle/, https://rockfarming.com/2019/09/28/the-hint-of-rain/. This is not a bad thing – although I miss our cuddles. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. We also have 13 lambs…. The irony was on the day I took the sheep to the sale yards, we received our first decent rainfall in months, a delightful 22mm. Our sheep disappeared and we found all them roaming the neighbour’s place. She might never do particularly well, but we are really happy that both Daisy and mum are now in good health.

To transport them, we parked the horse float in the lamb’s paddock for a couple of days and started feeding them in there. It is a constant job patching holes.

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