david hunter crossroads

and once again Meg finds herself a widow.

Recipes courtesy of The British Poultry Information Service, The Oxo Meat Cookery Service and The Pasta Information Centre. If you’re looking for a new feature to enhance the appeal of your garden, however small, then you might well consider building a small rockery. Sarah-Jane is doubly precious because of Jill’s previous miscarriage, and the disappointment of giving up their ‘adopted baby to Sheila.

Fortunately for Jim, the police picked up a housebreaker and found Vera’s cashbox in his digs; but although his name was cleared, Jim felt very bitter about the way his so-called friends had deserted him. David’s feelings about Meg’s romance with Hugh were somewhat mixed. You can unsubscribe at any time. He bought lots of presents for his wife and children, but his life didn’t seem to have much purpose. Surveying the set, Prince Philip noticed Maggie Hanley, dressed as a tart. .

Filling the part of Sandy, Meg’s son, was much more difficult. Although Noele now had a different role to play, Meg Richardson soon became her alter ego, and she became the centre and heart around whom the rest of the cast revolved . and Hilda Young. Other popular Crossroads characters were kitchen assistant Amy Turtle (Ann George) and cleaner Doris Luke (Kathy Staff).

They separated, only to come back together again when Hugh was taken ill. For a time they feared that he was dying, and Meg realised that she didn’t want to lose him. Diane treats Benny with compassion, affection and understanding. Alan Gifford as Lloyd Munro (71 episodes) Reg Watson then put forward several title suggestions himself and Crossroads was finally chosen as the most popular. At first everything seemed set for Diane Lawton. A glass which is highly polished and sparkling will add extra appeal to your cocktail.

He gained the respect of Cyril, his editor, when he managed to cope with the day-to-day running of the newspaper during Cryil’s illness, and he began to cover important events in King’s Oak, such as the memorable court case involving the old Coach House. In real life, after a short-lived marriage to BBC Radio 1 DJ Tommy Vance in the 1960s, Hanson married former Move frontman Carl Wayne in 1974, who lost a battle against cancer in 2004. Noele did just as she was asked, and fell into a graceful heap right at the Princess’s feet! . Roll out the sausage meat and cut out a 4″ circle for each scone. Everyone expected poor Benny to go to pieces, but he reacted with a quiet dignity which impressed all his friends. She stayed in Crossroads until she was sacked in 1981, as TV executives sought a new look for the show. Susan Hanson played ‘Miss Diane’ (aka Diane Parker, aka Diane Hunter) before her character was controversially killed off. (1966–67)[3] came his best remembered role, in the long-running Crossroads (1969–85). Barman Bill Warren picked Jim out of a police identification parade, and for a time everyone at the motel believed that he was guilty – with the exception of Jane Smith, who couldn’t believe that he would do such a thing. .

Serve with Chopin and moonlight. The cocktail is thought to have come by its name as a reference to the colourful tail feathers of the farmyard rooster, and it was ‘invented’ in America, as far back as the beginning of the nineteenth century. Rep followed, and Noele’s performance as Sadie Thompson in Rain was watched by TV pioneer John Logie Baird. Meg has lost both a dear sister in Kitty Jarvis and a beloved husband, but life goes on. Not for her the trendy elegance of Jill Richardson or the casual style of Kelly. Paul Henry manages to portray this trait of Benny’s character very well, and he makes Benny a completely sympathetic character. Louise was the beautiful daughter of one of Hugh’s American business associates, and she decided that, engaged or not, Hugh Mortimer was the man for her.

On 19th September 1978 the programme will reach its 3,000th episode – an all-time record in British television. Carney always leaves them in a cool, dark and airy spot for an hour or two, and he makes sure that they are in warm water, right up to the base of each flower. Then she picked out a flattering cream jersey dress as part of her going away outfit; to be worn under a very beautiful mink coat, plus several glamorous dresses for those romantic evenings on the honeymoon. Ann George as Amy Turtle (35 episodes)

Created by Peter Ling and Hazel Adair Crossroads was originally set in a motel in the Birmingham area of England and was aired several times a week.

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