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By Benji, Content Manager, 1 EDT. I had it. This record sale is a testament to the growing ruby market and the high value that rubies can collect on the secondhand market. We can Source, Search and Supply anything you require. FOX411: Has there ever been an item that you thought someone was making a mistake selling?Gold: I don’t talk people not into selling it. In addition, a Ruby and Diamond Brooch, by Cartier featuring a 10.10-carat Burmese ruby sold for more than 8.4 million at Christie's Hong Kong in November 2014. All these questions are valid and I will try tackling all of them in this blog article. Selling something means you’re never going to get it back. It really depends on how transparent the rough is and if the color is indeed ‘top pigeon blood.’. I will really be glad if you give some insight regarding their price. However, the fact won’t change that it is still the largest market in cut polished Burmese rubies and therefore you will get the most competitive and best deal here.

With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education. Ruby, the July birthstone, is coveted for its stunning red color. The more proportional, symmetrical or uniform a ruby gemstone is, the more expensive it will become. If you are interested in selling your gem, there are a few popular ways to sell your ruby: If you would like to sell your designer ruby jewelry (i.e. A good cut will maximize a ruby’s visual appeal, thus increasing its value. So, first let us answer the questions which I have already discussed in my previous popular blog articles regarding why it is cheaper to buy rubies or other gemstones in Bangkok than in Myanmar or anywhere else in the world. List of most expensive to least expensive ruby hue range is listed below: On the list above, I have listed Pinkish-Red above Purplish-Red rubies, but again this really depends on what your preference is and the location you are acquiring the ruby from. Market data provided by Factset.

It is still believed that Burmese rubies has the most “vibrant red” color. Have a look at Leibish’s Ruby Jewelry collection, and let us know what you like best! Appreciate your advise. Nearly every ruby has inclusions, but the type, amount, placement, and visibility of these inclusions will determine a ruby’s clarity. The name “ruby” stems from the Latin word “ruber”, meaning red. So, if you don’t have the money, your principal plus your interest. So, you can just pay off your interest. I lost the weight because I had enough. However, rubies which are “too flat” or “too bottom heavy” are usually sold in discount as this reduces the overall look of the gemstone. Generally, rubies weigh between 1 and 15 carats with the heavier stones costing quite a bundle. What factors affect the value of my ruby? Pawn shops used to have a bad stigma. I have a 4CT red red ruby that I bought in a ring dated 1925.It is very very clear no inclusions on a light under magnifications none at all I would like to get it professnaly graded and sell It. WHAT FACTORS AFFECT THE VALUE OF MY RUBY? The most precious of these stones are characterized by a robust, rich red color that has just a slight hint of blue to add depth to its beauty. In this post, I will be focusing on Burmese rubies origin, which is still considered the most prized in the world due to its long history in producing very expensive and important stones. In terms of price, the most expensive rubies are in a very specific color range called “vivid pigeon’s blood red.”. While the last ruby is guaranteed by gemstone supplier to be a Burma ruby and we can verify this with the lab if you are interested. Contact us today to get all your wholesale gemstones, diamonds and jewelry needs.

An origin report is done w/ electron microscope for know trace minerals/ is very precise. After the gems were tested, Ashley was right that all of them were glass, except for one, which is a genuine Burmese Ruby worth tens of thousands of dollars. Do you know any people who are very good at thermal treatment? Two in every hundred corundum mined will also have a star, but will either have a poor star shape or a poor stone color.

The primary source of rubies in the world, Myanmar (Burma), no longer produces such rubies and so the worldwide supply for quality star rubies is now extremely limited, especially for stones over 5 carats in size. Also: a woman loses her grandmother's ring after being one month late for … Below is an email which I sent a client recently for Burma Ruby options.

In May 2015, the record for most expensive colored gemstone sold at auction was set by a 25.59-carat cushion-shaped Burmese ruby ring, sold for over $30 million. You may be wondering: just how much is my ruby worth? I have a friend who has sources clamming to have one which weighs around 18.8gm. WHAT FACTORS AFFECT THE VALUE OF MY RUBY? Needless to say, these rare stones are priced accordingly, particularly since most rough rubies are faceted after they are heated instead of being cut into cabochons to showcase their star shapes. Fully Insured Delivery of Diamond or Gemstone in 2-3 days. A 5.17-carat Burmese ruby from Omi Gems Meanwhile, the activity that resulted in the Himalayan region--the Indian subcontinent colliding with the Asian continent--occurred “just” 45 to 5 million years ago. But, black crystals or surface reaching fractures or residue inside the ruby does reduce the price dramatically, so you have to take this into account.

This record sale is a testament to the growing ruby market and the high value that rubies can collect on the secondhand market.

Let’s answer some of the most common questions regarding rubies and their value: Rubies have a long and significant history. All other color varieties of gem-quality corundum are referred to as sapphire. FOX411: What has been one of the craziest run-ins with a customer?Gold: I had the most unique experience. Gemstones come in all shapes, forms and colors. Where to sell desi... We guarantee the safety, security, and privacy of your valuables. A Star Ruby, like all rubies and sapphires, rank 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness right after diamonds, which rank 10. So, you can read more regarding the treatments in Blue Sapphire guide blog post – https://buygemstone.info/2013/11/07/blue-sapphire-buying-treatment-guide-how-to-buy-and-tell-the-difference-between-natural-unheated-heated-lattice-diffusion-treatment-and-brand-new-glass-filled-sa/.

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