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While showcasing in New York, McMahon was invited to come perform for Celtic Woman. The group is accustomed to this sort of change. “Destiny” is that scaled back style in perfection: voice and fiddle take center stage. I thought I had the band Celtic Woman pegged: old songs, modern twist, dramatic television performances, mass market Irish culture—you get the picture.

Luke referred the video to his father David Kavanagh, the then-chairman and chief executive of Celtic Woman Ltd. Éabha was subsequently invited to audition for Celtic Woman. Éabha McMahon begann ihre Karriere im Alter von neun Jahren, als sie vom christlich-religiösen Verlagshaus Veritas ausgewählt wurde, ein Album zum Kinderbuch Beo go Deo aufzunehmen. There, she worked with Christina Noble and the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

The last time Celtic Life International spoke with Éabha McMahon, she was the new kid on the block with Celtic Woman, having only just joined the Irish supergroup. When I think of spirituality, I think of creativity and what allows me to open up to that place, and I find that when I am in Galway, it’s stunning. The title of the album, “Destiny” reflects the band’s tribute to the centenary of 1916, as well as their own personal celebration of 10 years as Celtic Woman.

Éabha began her singing career in 1998 when, at the age of 9, she was chosen by Veritas to record an album for Beo go Deo, a children's book. She is a fluent Irish speaker and was brought up singing and speaking Irish at home in Dublin. You come to a show like this and you don’t know why you’re reacting the way you are, why you feel this sense of longing while you’re at the show, but we have to remember that everybody has a past and a lot of people, their grandparents or great grandparents would have come over from Ireland to America, and they would have brought their stories with them, but overtime those stories get lost. BR: Jumping off of that, what is your favorite Irish song and your favorite song from the Destiny tour that you’re on now? Her passion for her band enhanced the music’s authentic sound twofold. [5], After graduating, Éabha spent time in Vietnam and Mongolia. In 2015, Éabha headlined a sold-out solo show in New York City, in aid of Kylemore Abbey. The album looks backward but embraces the next step toward the future as well.

The album looks backward but embraces the next step toward the future as well. I love songs in the Irish language, which are often steeped in sadness, about the heaviness of being Irish, because a lot of them were written and passed down from people who were going through really hard times. BR: Thank you so much for joining me for this conversation today, Eabha. While showcasing in New York, McMahon was invited to come perform for Celtic Woman. Éabha was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, where she won many local and national singing competitions, and joined the professional choir Anúna at age 15.

I remember contemplating this as a child- how am I going to do human rights and music at the same time? COVID-19: ‘The Bitter End’ for nation’s live music venues? (212) 482-7394, OLDEST IRISH AMERICAN NEWSPAPER IN USA, ESTABLISHED IN 1928.

What makes “Destiny” stand out for me is both its minimalism and its authenticity. https://www.irishecho.com/2016/04/celtic-woman-lets-eabha-be-herself The latest album, “Destiny,” is one of the band’s most traditional yet. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. EM: Celtic Woman really is an ambassador for Irish music around the world, but also in Ireland. There, she worked with Christina Noble and the Christina Noble Children's Foundation. Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish musical ensemble conceived and created by David Kavanagh, Sharon Browne and David Downes, a former musical director of the Irish stage show Riverdance.

I feel proud to sing that song on a world stage.”  For McMahon, the music she performs with Celtic Woman is spiritual. Éabha McMahon (pronounced AY-va[1]) is a contralto[2] Irish singer and a former member of the ensemble Celtic Woman.

[6][11], Éabha joined Celtic Woman in July 2015. In 2020 she began recording music under the name AVA. She was a member of the musical society at NUI Galway.

Instead, McMahon admired traditional singers, especially those who carried Irish music to a global stage. “The show, when I joined, was the 10th anniversary (greatest hits) show, and that went into the ‘Destiny’ show and then into the symphony (Christmas-themed) show and now into the ‘Voices of Angels’ … in such a small space of time, like a year and a half. Are there any sacred places that hold spiritual significance for you in Ireland?

“It’s so rewarding being on stage as a team with the girls, and we’re all equals and we all get on so well,” McMahon said in a mid-November phone interview. It’s home. I don’t think he knew exactly what Celtic Woman was.

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She has been with them ever since. My favorite ones are when you can hear a spark of the really funny, or happy, or making the most of what was a very hard time. “I swear I don’t consciously sing that song. English was not spoken at home until Éabha was 6 years old.

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